Ülke Endüstriyel Çözümler Ltd. Şti. established to bring value added and innovative solutions in renewable energy.

We focused on developing new, effective and innovative solutions to the esteemed customers by studiously combining the experiences we have gained in the field both in Turkey and abroad for years and contribution of our experienced team in industrial solutions & products.

Along with specialized staff in renewable energy, our company is in collaboration with the globally leader companies & professionals in their own expertise area for bringing required products & solutions.

We aim to bring innovative solutions by harmonizing the below solutions to our customers with principle of accurate brand & product & application.

  • 3M protection and performance solutions for wind energy,
  • Power tools and accesories,
  • High performance labelling, printers, safety signs,
  • Sorbents,
  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO),
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE),
  • Fall Protection Equipment